Version 1.1 Released

  • Additions
    • Addons can now include Spotify playlists and albums
    • Added "Audio Addon" with some great rpg Spotify playlists
    • Added random effect table tool to combat tracker. Is currently only available for the DSA5 addon.
    • Audio, maps, shops and characters can now be streamed from Google Drive
      • Audio editor still saves projects locally even with cloud mode enabled
    • Added new optional menu icons (enabled by default)

  • Improvements
    • Improved audio tool and editor
      • Improved UI
      • Changed default icons
      • Audio editor now has file browser for icons
      • Audio export screen now has a progress bar and no longer freezes the program
      • Audio projects, categories, scenarios and elements can now be renamed
    • Improved map tool
      • Maps can now be rotated
      • Improved UI
    • Improved dice tool UI
      • Result text color is now orange for mixed results instead of dark red / brown
    • Improved combat tracker
      • Removed status field, notes field is now larger
      • INI and health values can now be typed in manually
      • Combat effects now show the dice result
    • Improved shop tool
      • UI is now cleaner and more in line with the rest of the tools
      • Shops can now be renamed
      • Items in shop editor can be filtered by category
    • Improved character tool
      • Added buttons to quickly switch to the next or previous page
      • Added support for PDFs on Linux (Currently not via Google Drive)
    • Improved settings
      • Cleaned up UI
      • Added credits to info page
      • UI style can be changed without restarting
    • Text on Windows version is no longer blurry, though currently there is no fix for the flickering when resizing the Window

  • Fixes
    • Fixed Spotify integration stops working after an hour or so
    • Fixed Spotify not using custom icons and fetching spotify thumbnail instead
    • Fixed text clipping out of button in Audio Editor on
    • Fixed crashes due to "index out of range" errors in combat tracker


1.1.0 Windows x86_64
Mar 28, 2019
1.1.0 Source Code
Mar 28, 2019

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